ASLComp Nationality Set 45

ASLComp Nationality Set 45
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    A BRAND new SPANISH CIVIL WAR NATIONALIST NATIONALITY SET is now here to nail. It consists of:

    >> 2 × 280 ½" counters for MMC/SMC/SW and '?' markers in ½" size

    >> 2 × 176 5/8" counter sheet of AFVs/Vehicles/Guns and large '?' counters.

    This is an expanded, plenty of new art, WARM BLUE NAT SET for the Spanish Civil War. Maps, scenarios and more are coming, and you can use these for all SCW scenarios, even your own!

    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN and as long as you see the page you can nail your copy. Ships upon completion - IMPENDING - at printers.