ASLComp Volga 1 Winter w/Bonus Scenarios

ASLComp Volga 1 Winter w/Bonus Scenarios
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    This is ASLComp Volga 1 in a Winterized map presenation for use with existing scenarios that are set in December/January 1942 and up to the surrender of 3 February 1943. It includes 4 Bonus scenarios set on the winter map.

    The Winterized map is not identical to the non winter Volga 1 map - there's more devastation. More rubble. More shellholes. More crashed in rooftops. It uses CH's popular winterized map palette.

    If you order here and now, you ALSO receive another free BONUS in the form of a sheet of 280 color, die-cut MMC/SMC/SW counters of Backhand-Blow WINTER UNIFORM Russians - as they came ready for the weather while the Germans hunkered, shivering in their Stalingrad cellars - but determined to make ... a .... final stand.