Shipping and Return Policy

Our shipping policy has been the same for two decades and isn't changing any time soon. Delivery is guaranteed for all Domestic USA orders and international orders shipped via International Priority Mail. If your item is lost in transit, the original item(s) shipped will be re-shipped at our expense. All claims for lost items must be received within 60 days of the date of shipment.

If overseas customers opt for 1st Class mail to save on shipping, we're happy to oblige but cannot extend our delivery guarantee due to the inability of overseas postal services to track these packages. When you are provided the choice between International Priority Mail and 1st Class Mail, you accept all risk of the Post Office losing your parcel. It happens rarely, so you can decide.

PLEASE NOTE: Items that are ordered in advance of shipment are marked "4-8 weeks for delivery" and are billed at the time of ordering. In keeping with our 20+ year production process, your order is a contract and we begin manufacturing an item specifically to fill your order. These orders may not be cancelled. You can decide if the savings offered is preferred over waiting until an item is shipping, and the vast majority of our customers over the years have chosen the former. NO RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED WITHOUT SPECIFIC AUTHORIZATION IN WRITING from Critical Hit, Inc. and returns are provided store credit in all cases due to the specialty nature of our line.