Major Upham Battle Pack

Major Upham Battle Pack
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    Near the River Udy, UKRAINE, SOVIET UNION, 12 February 1943: Jochen Peiper became the commander of III Battalion, Infanterie Regiment 2 of the 1st SSLAH on 14 September 1942. A legend soon grew around his Blowtorch Battalion during the 1942-43 battles around Kharkov. Many of the unit’s vehicles sported a blowtorch symbol, earned, according to Peiper, following the use of halftrack-mounted soldiers to mount high-speed attacks on enemy-held villages. Thatched roofs were burned in the process, leading to the unit’s moniker. During the third battle of Kharkov 3rd Battalion had to push some 48 kilometers (30 mi) through enemy lines to rescue the surrounded 320th Infantry Division. As the German rescue column, ambulances laden with wounded, headed for friendly lines they found the route across the River Udy blocked by elements of Army Group Popov. A running battle ensued between the rescuers and Soviet elements, including reinforcements from 1st Guards Tank Army. An exit route was finally secured … but only for retreating ambulances. The only remaining bridge, a damaged span over the Udy would not carry tanks and half-tracks. The weary soldiers of 3rd Battalion were ordered to find, and open, another escape route … for themselves. A task duly accomplished with few casualties.

    If you love a good Eastern Front slugfest, the MAJOR UPHAM BATTLE PACK is for YOU. It's also for you if you occasionally hanker for a knock-down, drag-out fight in Stalingrad. A Russo-Polish armored showdown in 1939? Yes, it's in there and more. This new pack is from a prolific designer and ASLer raconteur ... with a nom de plume of Major Upham. Or Colonal Upham. When you get to know him, you can call him Jack Upham. Whatever the mode of address, he's spent godzillion hours head-down over these 10 scenarios, with his bestest gaming buddies and we present the results to you with new color overlays as MAJOR UPHAM BATTLE PACK!


    • A set of 8 scenarios set during various periods
    • New village overlay
    • Color cover