ASLComp Trail of the Fox 2023

ASLComp Trail of the Fox 2023
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    For a limited time only this is a massive collection of 12 Desert War 1941 scenarios, set in the early campaign in Cyrenaica. All errata input from earlier versions, these have not been presented in almost a decade and are HERE in color-touched scenario format for the FIRST time.

    You get a complete collection of Desert overlays, over 100 in all PLUS 3 desert geo boards in half-board format for ease of use PLUS Desert Vernacular rules in color edition keyed to the set PLUS if you order during the weekend of 20-23 October 2023 100 1/2" color die cut MMC/SMC counters AND 56 5/8" AFV and Ordnance counters - British/Italian German. 

    You need to own standard desert geo boards 26-31, OR you can nail a set of our own at the site and bring YOUR choice of Nationalities, since you get ALL the overlays and rules you need to play the scenarios.