Advanced Tobruk ÜBER Expansion 6: Tunisia II British Action

Advanced Tobruk ÜBER Expansion 6: Tunisia II British Action
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    JEBEL ZAGHOUAN, TUNISIA, 11-12 May 1943: The last soldiers of the Hermann Goering Division dug in for one last fight as the campaign in Africa was winding down to its inevitable conclusion. On the night of 11/12 May the Free French attacked German positions on the Jebel Zaghouan in an attempt to force a breakthrough. The familiar foes squared off with sidearms, grenades and bayonets the means of combat. Despite the strategic realities, the fight on Jebel Zaghouan was one of the most vicious of the entire campaign. It was also the last encounter between Axis and Allied soldiers on the African continent. Around noon on 12 May Colonel-General von Arnim surrendered on behalf of Army Group Afrika and the Afrika Korps. As the surrender was being communicated to the Allied commanders, General Hans Cramer’s final message was also being sent across the airwaves: “To the German High Command—Munitions expended, weapons and war equipment destroyed. The Afrika Korps has fought to a standstill as ordered. The German Afrika Korps must rise again, Cramer.” Cramer’s wish was not meant to be. In two short years the Third Reich would be in ruins.

    This is Advanced Tobruk ÜBER Expansion Pack 6. That's 8 new scenarios, with the Über counters - new play experience - plus ALL OVERLAYS are Über sized! Includes new folio too!