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    Tel Alam el Shaqiq, EGYPT, 31 October 1942: Soldiers of the Australian 9th Division had followed a barrage onto their objective on the night of October 30/31, taking heavy casualties but neatly pinching out the Germans north of Thompson’s Post. Known as ‘The Saucer’ it would become the focus of action in this area for the next two days. In the early hours of the 31 October, troops of 6-pounders, 2-pounders, and the Valentine tanks of the 40th RTR arrived from the south. This was important, because standing at the top of the tower at the Sidi Abd el Rahman mosque a few miles away, the entire Australian position was visible to Rommel, and he ordered a counterattack to take back the important lost ground. At 1130 hours Kampfgruppe Pfeiffer launched its riposte, with fifteen panzers attacking down the track with infantry on their right. The German attack was soon driven back. But the main, more determined attack on ‘The Saucer’ came in the early afternoon. The 6-pounders took on the panzers, while a number of Valentines moved up to support them. A ferocious battle of solid shot and machine gun fire erupted around the tanks and anti-tank gun positions. Rommel’s panzers managed to completely overrun Captain Eacott’s ‘B’ Company of the 2/32, grinding up their positions. Most of the survivors were taken prisoner. But the Valentines had intervened at a key moment. One German ‘88’ tried to get forward but its prime mover was set afire. The Germans were again forced to fall back. At 1600 hours the Germans tried again and managed to push the Aussies off the road, but were firmly stopped again by artillery and anti-tank fire. After this, they pulled back to regroup. As the action wound down, the Aussies neatly swapped out their exhausted units holding ‘The Saucer’, ensuring that they would hold the line. By day’s end, 40th RTR it had lost 25 tanks, but had driven the 21st Panzer Division from the field.

    This is Advanced Tobruk ÜBER Expansion Pack 5. That's 8 new scenarios, with the Über counters - new play experience - plus ALL OVERLAYS are Über sized! Includes new folio too!