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    Near FORT MADDALENA, LIBYA, 12 JUNE 1940:  The men of the 11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own) donned their rubber-soled shoes on the night of 12 June and as quickly and as quietly as possible, made gaps in the frontier wire, flattening fence-posts by driving over them and breaking off the wire by bending it back and forth over the bonnets of their Rolls Royce armored cars. Troop Number 4 of ‘A’ Squadron fired the first shots of the night near Fort Maddalena, firing in the direction of a group of approaching headlamps. The sparks from the bullets’ impacts indicated that the target was armored. When the tanks did not stop, ‘A’ Squadron withdrew, receiving machine-gun fire from the nearby fort as they departed. 1st Troop also engaged a low-flying Italian aircraft circling overhead in the night sky. Headquarters Squadron, moving with ‘B’ Squadron, had the first real effective engagement with the enemy. After breaking the wire, the unit fanned out north and south, searching for the Italians, while Major Geoffrey Miller deployed the HQ Squadron to guard the gaps in the wire and to be ready to cover the withdrawal of his patrols. Around 0200 hours, Major Miller noticed vehicle lights approaching. Because he had orders to find out which desert tracks the Italians were using, he allowed one truck to go through the gap in the wire unmolested. He then began to move forward to set up an ambush, but before he could accomplish this, more Italian trucks approached, headlights blazing. Headquarters Squadron opened up on them with everything they had. The Italians haphazardly returned fire for a brief time before they surrendered. Although outnumbered, Headquarters Squadron made off with two Italian officers, fifty other ranks, nine Breda automatics, sixty rifles, and several boxes of hand grenades. All in all it was a good night’s work for Tommy Atkins.

    This is Advanced Tobruk ÜBER Expansion Pack 1. That's 8 new scenarios, with the Über counters - new play experience - plus ALL OVERLAYS are Über sized! Includes new folio too!