Turretmaker Russian Turrets and More - 280

Turretmaker Russian Turrets and More - 280
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    Yes, we've received your feedback .. and no, we're not the kind to 'give up' on any thing or any person. What that means is the Turretmakers collection has a new batch of turrets, Russian Turretmaker .. for all of you that have the guts, the glory (ok, you can hear it, 'Ram' ....) to change your TCAs and not always stare straight ahead when a lady is talking to you when the other guy's tank ... is creeping around your flank! And the new Russian Turretmaker includes an increased quantity -- 280 compared to 140, and includes a batch of those colorful new Ammo markers (out of ammo; Disabled) ,for specific types, color-keyed ... making for a nice addition to the growing collection!

    Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.