Turretmaker North Africa Desert British and Italian

Turretmaker North Africa Desert British and Italian
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    TURRETMAKER counters are keyed to the GAZALA MONSTER and EL ALAMEIN MONSTER modules. What that means is that there is A TURRET FOR EVERY TANK (like a chicken in every pot, but no feathers ... just accurate turret AF shown on the turret, as opposed to HULL armor factors ... and they can change TCA ... no chicken has a TCA ....)

    What we mean by a ‘turret for every tank’ is that there is a one-to-one or greater collection of turrets provided for the AFVs that come in BOTH the Gazala and El Alamein modules PLUS more turrets for your personal Desert gaming. Embrace these turrets ... and we hope you do for the sheer fun of having accurate, matching, camo-keyed TCA markers for your AFVs .... what is cooler than that ... and you can expect MORE Turretmaker counters to come with future releases, and backwards-compatible for past modules.

    Every turret needs a good home and we are merely the humber turret-makers ... YOU are the turret LEADER ARMOR LEADER! Consistts of 140 color die-cut counters, plus two free bonus scenarios in color format and color cover.

    Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.