ATS Expansion 2: Benghazi Handicap

ATS Expansion 2: Benghazi Handicap
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    Tobruk Expansion Pack II - BENGHAZI HANDICAP
    Our Goal: The most extensive collection of detailed Desert War scenarios ever

    If you have already made the choice to become an Advanced Tobruk 'Desert Rat' (by purchasing Advanced Tobruk) then we think you may just be the guy/gal with a hankering for building the most extensive collection of detailed desert scenarios ever published. Yes, you are the kind of historical gamer that wants to smell the cordite in the air, hear the crash of the dreaded '88', clank forward in a Semovente.

    If the above does NOT describe you, please return to your impersonal operational level game and give your opponent a kick under the table - he fell asleep during a period of personal non-activity during the five hour move you were in the middle of.

    BUT, and this is a mighty big 'but', if you want intense action, filled with decisions by the dozens made every minute or so during this eye-go-you-go busting system known as the ADVANCED TOBRUK SYSTEM, you know, the one where you can fire a tank or gun just because the other guy moved into the view of your vision slit, the game where opponents alternate firing and moving their units (great fun for solo too - it works on the same principal of solitaire chess - the worlds oldest solo wargame) —then this expansion pack is for you.

    Benghazi Handicap scenarios take the action from March 1941 - April 1941, right up to and including Rommel's defeat at Tobruk during Easter 1941. More unique AFV types are included, like the Sdkfz 250-7 mortar halftrack, the Sdkfz 251-10 37mm PaK halftrack, and the Panzerspahwagen 221 armored car. Each scenario includes its own detailed historical summary in the true Hal Hock tradition. This is hyper-detail and tells one heck of a story of the war in North Africa during World War II.