TOBRUK Gamers Guide

TOBRUK Gamers Guide
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    If you have already made the choice to become an Advanced Tobruk 'Desert Rat' (by purchasing Advanced Tobruk) then we think you may just be the guy/gal with the desire to play the game, and play it well. This applies to you SOLO guys and gals too.

    The Tobruk GAMERS GUIDE is the publication for you. Perhaps we should clarify. This publication is for you if you are interested in a subtle combination of history and simulation—with the detail and immediacy that only a tactical-level game can provide.

    We feel confident you will read the Tobruk GAMERS GUIDE from cover-to-cover the first time you crack it open and trust you will appreciate tips on desert tactics from a former military commander that commanded US forces in...the desert—and this is NOT some piece we dusted off from a DPAM—it is direct advice on the play of Tobruk.

    Want to find your way around the Tobruk map better, the Tobruk Terrain Walkabout article in the GUIDE will help. Before he passed away, Hal Hock provided a parcel of his letters, representing in-depth analyses and answers to critics of the 'Tobruk approach'—and permission (urging, quite frankly, in the interest of setting the record straight in the pre-internet days when Hal lacked his own 'soap box') to publish as we see fit. They are loaded with interesting commentary on all things TOBRUK, as well as simulation design, research, etc. Fascinating reading.

    More history, a new Sequence of Play, errata and clarifications and MORE is provided for your Tobrukking pleasure. Limited quantities printed so do not miss the Tobruk Gamers Guide. Rommel goggles not included.