Retro Pak 3

Retro Pak 3
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    KALININ, RUSSIA, 14 October 1941: After overrunning any Russian defenses in front of them, the 1st Panzer Division had taken Subzoff on October 11 and Staritza on the 12th. After reaching the Volga, it was discovered all the remaining bridges had been dropped into the water before any intervention could be organized. Gathering the remaining fuel and ammunition, Eckinger’s battalion was equipped to press the armored thrust forward, which it proceeded to do, often times sharing the only roads with retreating and panic-stricken enemy troops. The Germans finally reached the outskirts of the industrial city of Kalinin, only 90 miles northwest of Moscow. On the 14th, the order was passed down to again launch the attack with the aim of seizing the still standing road bridge across the Volga, 2 kilometers inside the city. It would not be easy; the advance was greeted by furious Russian resistance. Nevertheless, Eckinger, a reputation for using the “shortest way” in battle already established, moved his battalion to within sight of the 250 meter long bridge. Without waiting for support, his lone infantry company, supported by a handful of tanks and armored vehicles stormed the enemy stronghold, forcing a dispirited enemy to flee. Demolition wires were cut and the bridgehead, the only bridge over the Volga the Germans would capture for the entire war, was consolidated when a Panzer III came up alongside Eckinger’s half-track.

    We were able to get RETRO PAK III on the presses with the new stuff. RP III is 8 scenarios + color cover, long out of print (15 years) from ASL News (formerly Euro Pack I). All designed by European desginers, with all errata input, new art and the latest presentation. The set includes 2 × Eastern Front + 2 × Poland 1939 + 1 × Indochina 1940 + 2 × Belgium 1940 + 1 × Holland 1940. There are lots of new uses for those CH counter from recent releases! All eight scenarios use standard geo boards 2-41 (thus the 'retro' approach.


    • > A set of 8 scenarios set on geomorphic boards
    • > Color cover