RED Russian Rarities 2 NEW

RED Russian Rarities 2 NEW
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    This is the RED Russian Rarities 2 edition.

    Outside of VYAZMA, RUSSIA, 6 October 1941: The Soviet Union first deployed the highly secret Katusha rockets against the German forces advancing on Moscow. Along the Smolensk/Moscow highway. While the rockets were very effective, alone they could not stop the German blitzkrieg. The 42nd Separate Guards Mortar Battalion found itself encircled with over 600,000 red army troops. As the noose tightened the rocketeers of the 42nd started to take casualties in the close quarter fighting that developed. Guards Captain Flerov ordered the men of his battery to attempt to breakout. As they approached the German lines through the woods they surprised a panzer column from the 7th Panzer division. The rocketeers launched a final salvo at point blank range at the approaching tanks. They then destroyed their launchers and ammo vehicles and attempted to escape on foot. Mortally wounded battling the panzers Captain Flerov did not survive his batteries final battle, and only 42 made it to friendly lines. This is RUSSIAN Rarities 2: Rockets Red Glare. As the name indicates, the presentation moves the action to On Board RCT Guns and Vehicles, with Russian and German types presented in this set. And yes, you can count on American, Japanese and more when you load YOUR Katyusha ... on its rails ... by supporting Russian Rarities 2 with your purchase. An amazing selection is provided, including aptured American and French vehicles in German service, various Katyusha mounted trucks and APCs, and Ordnance ranging from single-shot, crated rockets to large frames. NEW GEO BOARDS IN AP-format throughout! That's right, gone are the days of discussions about mating new terrain (aka geo boards) with old AH boards from the 1980's with various wrinkled folds, gaps that top paper failed to cover, brown and black backing shown ... not to mention geo boards of other manufacturers ... and so on. With Russian Rarities 1 we received the benefit of direct emails from Mr. ASLer blogger himself Mark Pitcavage, aka "Mister Hexagon" around here ... and the final Pit-hex was deployed. Rather a moot point going forward but by adding a few one hundreths of an inch ... we hope to have made him and everyone happier. Now to new business > ALL GEO BOARDS IN RUSSIAN RARITIES 2 ARE PROVIDED > no old boards needed nor used! All new means all fresh and all interesting ... and each new geo board is an interesting terrain challenge to solve. A pile of new boards, counters, rules, wow! WHAT YOU RECEIVE WITH EACH COPY: >> All the Geo Boards needed to play! >> A collection of 8 scenarios in color format >> Color die-cut counters -- GERMAN AND RUSSIAN ROCKET Guns/AFVs/Vehicles >> Color 3-hole rules >> Color cardstock folder style wrap. PLEASE ALLOW 4-8 WEEKS or until completed - FOR DELIVERY AS WE CRAFT YOUR COPY FOR YOU PERSONALLY.