RED Russian Rarities 1 NEW

RED Russian Rarities 1 NEW
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    This is the RED Russian Rarities 1 edition.

    This is RUSSIAN Rarities 1. And it wouldn't be without not one, not two, but three versions of the Odessa Tank, aka the N1. Built in Odessa during 1941 these improvised vehicles were base on STZ-5 tractor chassis with boiler plate attached and what ever else could be found to provide protection. Most of these vehicles were armed with MG turrets removed from T-26A tanks. A few were armed with 37mm infantry guns or 45mm AT guns in locally built turrets. These vehicles came to be known as Na Ispug or "terror tanks". And they are just the tip of the AFV iceberg. Add to those AFVs like the OT-28, T-34m41-57, T-34-76PT, the OP-7, T-26m31 ... and more .. and you get the idea. At least if you are into these new tanks ... and a collection of scenarios to use them in. And some new geo boards to play with them on in the scenarios you use them in. Then more scenarios, more tanks, and more boards, aka 'a collection'. Chapter H notes, yes, and color scenarios ... again yes. We do all the heavy lifting and research and your YES = grabbing a collection of RUSSIAN RARITIES ... starting with RR1. PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 WEEKS DELIVERY or upon module completion FOR THIS ITEM. WHAT YOU RECEIVE WITH EACH COPY: > A set of 8 COLOR scenarios that use the new counters and rules > 2 sheets of 5/8" AFV counters (264 in all) > Color special rules in 3-hole format > Color Chapter H notes for the new AFVs > 3 new Geo boards in Sweet 16 style -- NOW COMES WITH 11 NEW BOARDS! > Color 9" × 12" cardstock folding wrap