Clash Along the Psel 2 w/ 2 Bonus Maps

Clash Along the Psel 2 w/ 2 Bonus Maps
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    North of Hill 226.6, Psel River, Russia, 13 July 1943: The second night Totenkopf spent in the Psel bridgehead was far from secure. It was spent taking the northern slopes of Hill 226.6 from it’s tenacious defenders while the division’s panzer regiment drove 3km northeast to the edge of the highway linking Kartashevka to Beregovoe. Threatening this vital supply line, they now endured vicious and uncoordinated counterattacks throughout the night. By morning these attacks intensified in strength and coordination when Totenkopf was attacked by the full weight of two armored brigades. Intent on helping the XXXIII Guards Rifle Corps secure the left flank of the 5th Guards Army, as well as preventing a linking of Totenkopf with the rest of the II SS Panzer Corps, the Russian armored brigades of the XXXI Independent Tank Corps launched incessant and skillful attacks against point and flanks of the SS thrust. The ferocity of these attacks inflicted heavy casualties and forced the II SS Panzer Corps to reappraise their battle plans. The failure of neighboring LAH in front of Prokhorovka and thus not secure Totenkopf’s eastern flank would make the Totenkopf’s own thrust impossible to sustain. Totenkopf was instead forced to pull back to Hill 226.6 to avoid the risk of being cut off. Ultimately, this highway would prove to be the high water mark for the farthest northern advance Army Group South would make during Operation Zitadelle.

    Almost 20 years ago CH launched the independent publishing movement with its first ALL AMERICAN historical module by Ian Daglish (dec.)—and now things have come full circle. Talented ASLers like Dave Lamb, Pete Mudge and others heard the clarion's call and joined the fray with their own designs. We owe them the very best edition of their works as progress allows—and new editions deserve the best enhanvements. To that end, the Battle of Kursk at the Psel is now two parts, CLASH ALONG THE PSEL II covers the battle north of the Psel with a new edition of the K2 map, with the popular RETRO terrain that makes things feel like a game of HILL 612 -- with Tigers pushing north! Color format scenarios, rules, the new packaging ... all makes for a nice package, and we includea FREE bonus counter sheet from the collection with each product.

    This set also includes TWO new maps, a large hex Sevastopol scenario-based map of Tin Pan Alley, plus a brand new AP-style map for CENTRAL STALINGRAD II.

    THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME! Ownership of the ASLRB, and any modules providing the Germans and Russians, plus standard system marker counters is required to play this historical module.