Clash Along the Psel 1

Clash Along the Psel 1
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    KRASNY OKTABYR-KLIUCHI, RUSSIA, 16 July 1943: Already exhausted by continuous weeks of what was now seen as a futile offensive, SSTK soldiers were demoralized by failure and fruitless sacrifices. To add to their dilemma, having already wired both bridges across the Psel River for demolition, they were confronted by an unrelenting enemy who continued his assault agains the forlorn bridgehead. All day on July 16th the weather had worsened. Torrential downpours made the roads impassable. The ability to shift resources to blunt enemy thrusts was greatly reduced. Around 0200 hours on July 16th two Russian infantry companies rose from gorges east of Veselyi and pierced the thin German lines near the wooded slopes of Hill 226.6. Only the timely arrival of a platoon of assault guns saved their kameraden from being overrun. Despite the shift in initiative, Ivan was once again forced back, and again heavy Russian losses were the order of the day. July 16th would see the last serious assault against the Psel River bridghead. The Germans finally evacuated to the south bank the following night. Ultimately, the fight for the Psel River bridgehead and sector had become a bloody and costly affair for the men of SS Totenkopf.

    Almost 20 years ago CH launched the independent publishing movement with its first ALL AMERICAN historical module by Ian Daglish (dec.)—and now things have come full circle. Talented ASLers like Dave Lamb, Pete Mudge and others heard the clarion's call and joined the fray with their own designs. We owe them the very best edition of their works as progress allows—and new editions deserve the best enhanvements. To that end, the Battle of Kursk at the Psel is now two parts, CLASH ALONG THE PSEL I covers the contested crossing and the battle north with newly remastered map with the popular RETRO terrain that makes things feel like a game of HILL 612 -- with Tigers pushing north! Color format scenarios, rules, the new packaging ... all makes for a nice package, and we includea FREE bonus counter sheet from the collection with each product. Includes 9 scenarios, Special Rules, map, and packaging (plus a bonus free counter sheet) -- CG coming as a new Platoon Leader release soon.

    THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME! Ownership of the ASLRB, and any modules providing the Germans and Russians, plus standard system marker counters is required to play this historical module.