Panther Line

Panther Line
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    North of SUJEWO, SOVIET UNION, 25 June 1944: On 23 June the first German counter-attack in the Army Group North positions known as the ‘Panther Line’ failed to regain all of the ground held by the enemy. Preparations immediately began to expand the ground won, until the Russians cold be forced out of their positions. The Germans began deploying forces to renew the attack in the northeast corner of an area known as ‘The Balcony’. Before German reinforcements were organized, elements of the Russian 23rd Guards Rifle Division struck, hitting the 407th Regiment, dug in on the ridge line on the north flank. Caught without artillery preparations, the Germans were forced to fight it out with the weapons on hand. The two divisions facing one another were old foes. And the fight was to take place on familiar ground—these same hills had been fought for during the Soviet spring 1944 offensive. Following that clash the Germans narrowly emerged the winner. The current Russian assault quickly devolved into close-order fighting, as the Guardsmen mounted the ridge and started to dig the Germans out of their holes. The Russians soldiers repeatedly massed and assaulted German lines, coming from both the north and east. Somehow the defenders held off the Soviet waves. The Guardsmen soon fell back to lick their wounds and await their next orders. There would be no respite for the bloodied landsers.

    The update to "Tigers to the Front" is here and includes new color die-cut counters, two additional scenarios, new art, the new layout, all errata input and the usual balance tweaks. What's more, instead of a 'no map' version for previous owners, everyone gets the map. The action brings you right into the turrets of the Pzkw VI Tigers of the 502 Schwere Panzer Abteilung, 94th Grenadier Regiment, and 1st Shock Army and other hard-fighting combat elements. You receive all the vehicles used in the scenarios in camo-colored editions, plus a new set of German MMC/SMC counters in new poses and uniforms—to provide a unique Eastern Front gaming experience. The set includes 12 scenarios, a Special Rules booklet, two sheet of color die-cut counters (296 counters in all), and an historical map of the Panther Line positions. Ownership of Beyond ValorTM is required but owners of the recent CH Berlin release "Final Days" will have all of the Gun and infantry counters needed to play the scenarios in a 'CH only' counter presentation using the counters provided in ASLComp Panther Line.


    • > A set of 12 scenarios set on the 2nd Edition map
    • > BONUS counter sheet
    • > Color cover
    • > Historical map in folding paper format