MiH 6 June 1944: The Great Crusade

MiH 6 June 1944: The Great Crusade
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    Speaking of D-Day, our recent inventory found enough D-Day Great Crusade die-cut counters to make exactly 10 copies of the MiH module that covers the entire invasion at battalion and up level. Despite the lack of sales that such a small, special batch would entail we STILL celebrate 6 June with a special, Limited Edition with REMASTERED MAP + AIRBORNE EXPANSION -- all bundled together for a complete representation.

    It's been exactly 20 years since the 2004 release and the original has been OOP for years and years.

    Ths map has larger hexes and as you can see, presents the battle-space in a more pleasing-to-the-eye manner. All the charts and tables are printed ON the boards, with 8 of them making up the larger map. It comes in at 3 feet by about 4 feet, so wits on a typical table but presents as LARGE. As it should.

    You can color us CRAZEE for putting this effort into such a tiny, first come, first nail printing. So what. We are crazy about the subject.

    This edition also bundles the airborne expansion, so the total quantity of counters comes to 600 1/2" pieces. The tables for the expansion are also included, as you see above the title. It really is a comprehensive depiction, with rather easy to assimilate rules.