MASL Expansion: Peace Keepers

MASL Expansion: Peace Keepers
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    Are you ready for the MASL escalation? A sample ...

    Prior to the fight for Bakhmut heating up, Russian Federation public relations began propagating video of UAVs dropped precision grenades directly into Ukrainian trenches. An absence of similar footage by the communications people working for President Zelensky spoke to either an absence of similar capabilities, or the results of the grounding of drones when Starlink went dark. When, on 23 February, former U.S. Marine Troy Offenbecker described the battle in an interview with ABC News, the apparent mercenary said, “A lot of casualties. The life expectancy is around four hours on the front line.” His status as a combatant was seemingly ignored, as the story in the [REDACTED] Post included, “The average life expectancy for a soldier fighting on the front lines in the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut is just four hours, according to an American who is fighting against Russian forces in the Donbas.” The focus on that particular time span, between arrival and status as KIA was not lost on the young men and women of the [REDACTED] Infantry Division, as they shuffled into trench-line positions previously held by their newly-minted co-belligerents with the yellow and blue flag, seen adorning many a front door in condominium complexes across their home nation. With a shrug, soldiers familiar with doing what they were ordered to do considered the threat from above when, just as the sun rose, the expected enemy barrage was replaced by a faint buzzing.

    That's one narrative, and you get 8 BRAND NEW scenarios PLUS a BONUS scenario set in 1947 ... Plus 4 BRAND NEW MAPS.

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