Lodz 1914

Lodz 1914
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    Following their victory at the Battle of Tannenberg, the German generals Mackensen, Hindenburg and Ludendorff devised a plan to rapidly shift 9th Army to northern Poland by railroad. This was Blitzkrieg by rail, and it was designed to take the Russian Northwest Front by surprise before it could launch another invasion of Germany.

    Welcome to LODZ 1914, a telling of the story of the clash between German and Russian armies in Poland during November and December of 1914.


    • > 420 color die-cut counters depicting the military formations that saw action in the battle
    • > 22 x 34 historical map of the battlefield
    • > Full SIze COLOR PLAY AIDS
    • > Extensive rulebook with hisorical notes and designer's commentary
    • > Storage bag