Russian LEND LEASE AFVs - 176

Russian LEND LEASE AFVs - 176
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    Word was passed up the line last week that ASLComp Nat Set 3: Feldgrau Wehrmacht … is at the printers. Well let' keep this our little secret: RUSSIAN LEND LEASE AFVs are also out and about to ship … the page is now up to order. It's a sheet of 176 5/8" color, die-cut AFV counters that add all the Lend Lease AFVs and vehicles listed in Chapter H, and more … for use in your scenarios - plus an Lend Lease AFV replacement table so you can feed these into your existing scenarios immediately! All made from accurate blueprints and idling their engines right now, awaiting your commands to clatter, and rumble into action.

    Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.