KING Sector: Green and Red

KING Sector: Green and Red
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    "Dear Ray,

    I am a customer since your early days and I feel like being part of your success. I would like to congratulate for the Gold Beach module. I have been playing most scenarios and I am now playing the campaign game.

    I had my best time ever!!!! The module is well thought through, historically accurate and FUN!
    Never had so fun in my ASL life (which is long as I was one of the first). Some scenarios are also great to played solo which is great to practice.

    Best regards


    PS: as always Maureen is great!"

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    I can’t speak for those that spend more time clipping the little nubs off counters than they do pondering the majesty of military history at our scale. The human scale. To each his own.

    If you want the overarching theme simplified – we’re here to tell you a story. Take you someplace. Kudos to designer Robert, needless to say, as he is among the Battalion elite – and is reading this no doubt, with some adjustment made to international time zone differences.

    Speaking of time zones, Robert – radio contact here via this Friday Emailer – the correspondent reporting his longevity and BEST TIME EVER – is far away, as in Pacific Rim far. But to us he is always near, as close as the ether allows us to be.


    With the note above, generated by Gold-ness, we present a new experience. The ‘King’ Sector – Green and Red. More water for a longer run in. All the weapons that were there.

    The largest hex treatment yet. A pile of new counters, getting you into it using classic British Nationality ASLer crème + classic German blau. A total of 316 new counters, including many never presented in these color schemes. You get all the Bangalores, TNT charges - you need, presented in classic British creme for the first time.

    A zoom-in to the landing. A super small, special print run. A study, great for solo play. Presented just for you.