Giant Deluxe Kellam's Bridge

Giant Deluxe Kellam's Bridge
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    North of AMFREVILLE, NORMANDY, 8 June 1944: Lt. Col. Timmes’ night patrols paid off. Lieutenant John Marr and Private Norman Carter stumbled upon the secret ford, and crossed to rendezvous with General Ridgeway at the Division CP. The General’s staff called on the 1st Battalion of the newly arrived 325 Glider Infantry Regiment to effect a midnight crossing, in hopes of breaking the German stranglehold on the Merderet bridgehead. Under cover of the night, Lt Marr guided the glider men across the secret ford, then moved ahead to ensure that the way to the orchard had been cleared of friendly mines. While he was gone, long range fire from the Gray Castle surprised the men of the 325. Not realizing that the German position was effectively countered by the American presence in the orchard, Major Sanford sent Charley Company to ‘neutralize’ the threat, while the rest of Sanford’s force moved off south against Cauquigny Marr eventually caught up with the Charley Company, and helped them to extricate themselves from the nightmare of a surprise counter attack. Then, with Marr in the lead and Germans following close behind, Charley Company set out in search of the rest of the battalion.The era of GIANT HEX gaming is here -- and is long overdue. Back in the day guys would spend big bucks to blow up a map here and there, usually proudly displayed. The result was an expensive, albeit unparalleled gaming experience that does more than just avoid most if not all stacking -- it provides a sweeping, yet granular battlefield experience that makes things DELUXE ... and larger, but not just on small-area geo-boards, but instead unique historical battlefields.

    YOU WILL NEED TO OWN your ASLRB and modules providing Americans and Germans. Includes a bonus sheet of 280 color die-cut 'Huertgen Forest Leaders' counters + 8 updated scenarios in color format + color 3-hole special rules + 1.5" inch hex Deluxe map + color folio.


    NOTE: THIS IS A VERY LIMITED PRINT RUN and as long as you see the page you can reserve your copy. This module is shipping now.