ATS Huertgen Hell

ATS Huertgen Hell
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    ATS HUERTGEN HELL is a detailed historical module that tells the story of the Battle of the Huertgen Forest with a broad sweep, and detailed historical map. The presentation is a large as the battle was ... in terms of importance to Allied hopes to be ‘home for Christmas’ ... 1944. Those hopes were dashed by bitter German resistance in the dark, dank wooded hills and villages around the Kall River. Names like Kommerscheidt, Vossenack, and Germeter, not to mention the infamous Kall Trail ... ring out in the history of the battle. Every one of those places is depicted, and more, allowing the tactical-level gamer to contest every inch, or pull back and await reinforcements ... or lay in a mortar barrage ... or stand pat and await new orders. Whatever was possible to local commanders is in YOUR hands as you re-make history in minute detail.

    The map presentation is extensive, providing almost a dozen square feet of gaming area with evocative terrain artwork by a professional military illustrator What’s more, when combined with OBJECTIVE SCHMIDT, ATS HUERTGEN HELL creates another CH monster battlefield measuring some six feet in length ... there just has never been anything like it. You’ll be able to gaze across the expanse of the battlefield on both sides of the Kall River, including multiple villages, hundreds of terrain features. And yet, many scenarios play on portions of the overall map area, making the module easy to dive into and get your dice rolling without delay.

    The module includes two sheets of 176 5/8” die-cut German and American Personnel and Weapon counters, plus a sheet of 108 AFV/VEHICLES in 3/4” size, a total of 460 counters in all—everything you need to play (just bring your standard ATS markers). You also receive 10 scenarios (all playable on the map provided) in color format, and color Battlefield WalkaroundTM special rules in 3-hole format. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME! Ownership of the ATS 2014 rulebook and play aids plus standard system small and large marker counters is required (plus one or more 10-sided dice).