ATS Great War 8

ATS Great War 8
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    Welcome to ATS Great War 8: Ottoman AdventuresTM. This eighth Great War module for CH’s ATS System takes the action to the Caucasus, as well as Gallipoli, during World War I.

    The soldiers of the Ottoman Empire fought a variety of combatants during World War I. There were five main campaigns in the theatre: the Sinai and Palestine Campaign, the Mesopotamian Campaign, the Caucasus Campaign, the Persian Campaign, and most famously, the Gallipoli Campaign. The Ottomans joined the Central Powers, goaded by Germany, in its hope that Russian troops would be drained away from the fronts in Galicia and Poland. Scenarios in this module cover the Battle of Sarikamish, as well as the campaigns in Mesopotamia, Palestine, and OF COURSE … Gallippoli, one of the most disastrous campaigns of the Conflict. The Dardanelles campaign was fought on Turkish soil, as the ANZAC tried to create a passage through to the Black Sea. Gallipoli was the brainchild of Winston Churchill, and was a bitter failure. After massive hardship, ANZAC soldiers were withdrawn, having failed in most cases to even get off the beaches. Russia also invaded Turkish territory, in the north. Following the collapse of the Tsar’s government, the Turks swept north and entered Russian territory proper. By the Russian surrender in the Spring of 1918, the Turkish forces had taken Baku on the Caspian Sea.

    Each ATS Great War Module includes:

    8 new scenarios
    4 new board
    Color folio
    Special Rules]
    2 Counter sheets (1 × 176 5/8 Personnel + 1 × 3/4" + 1/2" H Wpns and More

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