ATS Greats War 14

ATS Greats War 14
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    Welcome to ATS Great War 14: Yser StandTM. This 14th Great War module for CH’s ATS System.

    Tiny Belgium was not well prepared for what would come to be known as The Great War. Adherence to strict neutrality meant an absence of treaties, and the protection (or escalation, as it would turn out) they afforded. Yet, the tiny nation did not lack for valor! The Belgian strategy was to concentrate near Brussels and hold off the Germans as long as possible. This approach proved highly effective and disrupted the German timetable: the capture of Liège was expected to take 2 days; it took 11. Belgian soldiers fought a number of significant delaying actions in 1914 during the initial invasion. At the Battle of Liège, the town's fortifications held off the invaders for over a week, buying valuable time for Allied troops to arrive in the area. Additionally, the German “Race to the Sea” was stopped dead by exhausted Belgian forces at the Battle of the Yser.

    Each ATS Great War Module includes:

    8 new scenarios
    4 new board
    Color folio
    Special Rules]
    2 Counter sheets (1 × 176 5/8 Personnel + 1 × 3/4" + 1/2" H Wpns and More

    This is a special order product and ships during 4th Q 2020.