ATS Great War 12

ATS Great War 12
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    Welcome to ATS Great War 12: With the British in PalestineTM. This twelvthth Great War module for CH’s ATS System takes the action to the North Africa during World War I.

    One of the most compelling theaters in the history of warfare was the Middle East during the Great War. From late 1914 until mid-1915, the British defend the Suez Canal, taking on various Turkish and Senussi irregulars in their attempts to capture or damage the canal, to block it. A major victory was earned in August 1916, at Rumani, near the coast. This success relieved pressure on the Suez Canal. The British then began to construct a railway and supply roads along the coast. Operations continued against the Senussi in the Western Desert. This part of the campaign saw Sollum shelled by German U-Boats, and an Emergency Squadron of the Royal Naval Armoured Car Division sent to strengthen the British post there. Both Sollum and Sidi Barrani were subjected to Arab raids. The 2nd New Zealand Rifle Brigade, one company of 15th Sikhs, a detachment of the Bikanir Camel Corps, an Egyptian Army Machine Gun Section and an armoured train garrisoned by 1/10th Ghurka Rifles, moved on 21 December 1915 to hold the Alexandria - Debaa railway, and to patrol to the Moghara oasis against more Senussi incursions. Battles would rage back and forth at places like Matruh, Sidi Barrani, made famous later, when the Desert Fox Erwin Rommel enter the annals of military history. The Senussi were finally defeated with the use of modern weaponry including armored cars, aircraft and artillery.

    Each ATS Great War Module includes:

    8 new scenarios
    4 new board
    Color folio
    Special Rules]
    2 Counter sheets (1 × 176 5/8 Personnel + 1 × 3/4" + 1/2" H Wpns and More

    This is a special order product and ships during 4th Q 2020.

    BONUS: An additional 5" × 8" counter sheet PLUS 3 more boards (for a total of 7) are included!