ATS Great War 11

ATS Great War 11
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    Welcome to ATS Great War 11: Balkan AspirationsTM. This eleventh Great War module for CH’s ATS System takes the action to the Eastern Front during World War I.

    Romania entered the war in August of 1916, on the Allied side, in an attempt to seize the prize: Transylvania. This region in Austria-Hungary had a Romanian ethnic majority but was under Hungarian control at the time. Despite initial successes, the combined forces of Russia and Romania suffered several defeats, and by the end of 1916 only Moldavia remained under Allied control. After several defensive victories in 1917, with different groups competing for authority over the Russian troops in Romania in the aftermath of the October Revolution, Romania signed an armistice at Focani. On November 10, 1918, just one day before the German armistice and when all the other Central Powers had already capitulated, Romania re-entered the war. By then, about 220,000 Romanian soldiers had been killed.
    Despite their small size, the Germans worried about the prospect of Romania entering the war, Hindenburg writing: “It is certain that so relatively small a state as Rumania had never before been given a role so important, and, indeed, so decisive for the history of the world at so favorable a moment.” Romanian soldiers would fight in battles that would be compared with some of the most brutal campaigns on the Western Front at little-known places like the Bran-Câmpulung area, the Carpathains, and the Prahova Valley.

    Each ATS Great War Module includes:

    8 new scenarios
    4 new board
    Color folio
    Special Rules]
    2 Counter sheets (1 × 176 5/8 Personnel + 1 × 3/4" + 1/2" H Wpns and More

    This is a special order product and ships during 4th Q 2020.