ATS Great War 10

ATS Great War 10
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    Welcome to ATS Great War 10: Slavic WarriorsTM. This tenth Great War module for CH’s ATS Systen takes the action to the Eastern Front during World War I.

    Serbia was blamed for the start of World War I following the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Yet the Serbs would enjoy the first Allied victory of the war, after they drove the Austro-Hungarians out of the town of Sabac on 19 August 1914. Before they could, however, civilians were rounded up in the town and massacred. On the 5 October 1914, Austria launched their offensive against Serbia. The Serbian Army, weakened by Typhus, couldn’t hold out and the capital, Belgrade, was evacuated on the 9th. Two days later, Bulgaria declared war on Serbia, hoping to annex the Serb possession of Macedonia. By the 24th, the Serbians had driven a wedge between the Serb army and the Allied armies in Greece attempting to come to their aid.
    The Serbs fought with courage, but found their army critically low on ammunition stocks. With defeat staring them in the face, over 200,000 soldiers and civilians fled over the rugged mountains and into Albania. Many were evacuated by sea to the island of Corfu, in what would stand as the world’s largest evacuation by sea until the ‘miracle at Dunkirk’ in 1940. Surviving Serbian soldiers made their way to Greece, and remained in uniform to serve in the Yugoslav Division of Serbs, Croats, Macedonians, Montenegrins and Slovenes. When Bulgaria surrendered on 30 September 1918, Serb, Yugoslav, French and British forces united to drive the Austrians and Germans out of Serbia.

    Each ATS Great War Module includes:

    8 new scenarios
    4 new board
    Color folio
    Special Rules]
    2 Counter sheets (1 × 176 5/8 Personnel + 1 × 3/4" + 1/2" H Wpns and More

    This is a special order product and ships during 4th Q 2020.