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    Prior to his unexpected passing designer and author Ian Daglish (dec.) sent in his GWASL module materials, joining the work of other CH designers in the effort to bring another era of warfare to the collection. Losing top men is sad, and they can never, ever be replaced. But their contributions, like authors of yore, can speak to us, and we are grateful to have this chance to make the Great War return for an encore ... on your gaming table in the form of GWASL III and IV. It is all very straightforward, and the Special Rules give you the handbook you need to maneuver the men and machines, some representing combat systems never seen before, but prominent since.

    GWASL III OVER THERE brings .... you guessed it! The Americans enter the fray with all the fanfare that was mustered as they boarded ships to save Europe. The proud, but untested ‘doughboys’ could not have know what was waiting for them ‘over there’ ... specifically, battle-hardened German soldiers, led by officers that knew victory first-hand. And were fighting for the Vaterland....

    New military art created by CH just for your gaming tables? Check. New men and machines? Check. New situations? Check. New geo boards to play it on? Yup. And in the larger, new AP-style 11” × 16” format? Check. And ALL the boards needed for the included scenarios? Checkmate! Ownership of GWASL I and GWASL II is required ... as you know the Battle of Belleau Wood pitted Americans, alongside French and British troops as they faced down the Kaiser’s 1918 Spring Offensive! Includes eight new scenarios, two sheets of counters, all the geo boards needed to play the scenarios, folio, and special rules.


    • >> All the Geo Boards needed to play!
    • >> A collection of 8 scenarios in color format
    • >> Color die-cut counters -- THE USA - a total of 368 color die cut counters
    • >> Color 3-hole rules
    • >> Color cardstock folder style wrap. PLEASE ALLOW 1-2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY