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    Welcome to GWASL 1: Tankschreken FELDGRAU EDITION with AP Boards, the update for the first Great War module for CH’s ASLComp line of variants. This product brings the first edition of GWASL 1 in line with GWASL 2-3-4 and forward, with all-new AP-style 11” × 16” maps are used for the entire GWASL series. This set includes 5 brand-new AP-style folding geomorphic boards (all the boards needed to play the enclosed scenarios) + a newly mastered set of color scenario cards for GWASL 1 scenarios 1-10 + an updated set of GWASL 1 Special Rules, version 2.0.

    South of Villers-Bretonneux, France, 24 April 1918: As Ludendorff’s operation Georgette bogged in the north he determined to make a final thrust at Amiens in the south. To achieve surprise, he committed 13 tanks. At dawn on April 24th these machines lumbered forward over a barren landscape with infantry close behind. In their wake, Britain’s 173rd Brigade gave way, Ludendorff’s thrust advanced almost 4,000 yards before the allies offered effective resistance. As ordered, the three tanks of Captain Brown’s, No. 1 section, A Co., 1st Battalion rolled to the Catchy Switch line south of Villiers-Bretonneux. Enroute, English infantry warned that “Jerry Tanks” were about. Minutes latter, Brown’s MIVs spotted three German A7Vs at 300 yards. Euphoric Lt. Mitchell, commanding the key MIV, later wrote, “for the first time in history tank was encountering tank”. Almost immediately, the Germans pounded Brown’s two female (machine gun armed) MIVs. Apparently, they could not discern the single male tank, armed with two 6 pounders, commanded by Lieutenant Mitchell. Under pressure the two female MIVs withdrew. Mitchell’s male fired three 57mm rounds into an A7V, the German machine billowed smoke as half of the crew escaped. Then Mitchell raked the German infantry. To his astonishment, the other two A7Vs withdrew! Having silenced the English infantry’s machine guns as ordered, they broke off, unaware that Mitchell’s MIV was even there. Mitchell was twice lucky, a short while latter German shell fire disabled his machine without harming him.

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