North Africa Small and Large Markers

North Africa Small and Large Markers
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    The company that has more MONSTER and ÜBER maps in print than any other (hands down) brings you the largest, most readable, middle-age gamer friendly and flat out coolest ASLComp counters yet. You’ve heard of our NAT Set collection, a massive library of combatants from the good guys to the bad guys and everyone in between. Colorful and in a wide variety, that collection follows the trajectory of what ASLers are used to: ½” MMC/SMC/SW and 5/8” AFV/Vehicles/Guns.

    The old style counters have been great for makers of magnifying glasses, and then some. Perhaps even makers of Botox®, to address all those wrinkles created by hours of squinting. And we have nothing against black-blobs, outlines from the 1980’s and salute the guys bringing those back print. They must be chasing a younger audience, as the type on those is about 4 pt. For unit ID’s, and not much larger for the other data.

    That brings us to the GIGANTE collection. 

    Each ASLComp GIGANTE NATIONALITY SET consists of the following:

    352 5/8” MMC/SMC Personnel counters – for Personnel sets
    352 5/8” SW counters – for SW sets
    216 ¾” AFV/Vehicle/Gun counters + 52 ½” TCA counters for AFV sets
    352 5/8” marker counters – for small marker sets
    216 ¾” Emplacement/Level/Etc. marker counters + 52 ½” marker counters – for larger marker sets

    Ships upon completion. Expected 3rd Q 2021, in current counter print run.