ATS EVO Moderns Expansion: Saddam at War

ATS EVO Moderns Expansion: Saddam at War
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    ATS EVO flexes ifs FLEXIBILITY and puts YOU in the heart of the Iran-Iraq War. You ALSO get MORE maps than any of the recent EVO modules - a total of FIVE large hex pieces of EVO catrography.

    KERMANSHAH, IRAN, 30 October 1980: It did not take long after the two countries began hostilities for a rumor to make the rounds that Washington had encouraged Saddam Hussein to make war against Iran. Years later, Saddam would stated that then-president George H.W. Bush had given him the green light to cross into Kuwait. No matter, the United States would never think of baiting the proverbial hook with materiel, and funds to finance a war. If they had, the line of thinking was that the rationale was backing to halt the potential spread of the Islamic Revolution to other nations in the Persian Gulf. And for retribution against Iran for the hostage crisis, credited with bringing down the government of, and projecting weakness, on the part of Jimmy Carter. The rumor did not exactly stem from nowhere, however. Seyyed Abolhassan Banisadr, the first man to serve as president of Iran after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 abolished the monarchy. Banisadr was subsequently impeached and fled Iran, taking up residence in France where he was a co-founder of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. It was from that perch that he accused the United States of inciting Saddam Hussein to go to war. No matter the catalyst, by late October 1980 Iraq was stalled across the entire front. At Khorramshahr, a struggle that took place there from 22 September to 10 November was so intense, the city came to be called Khuninshahr by the Iranians, literally the “City of Blood.” At the time of the battle, Khorramshahr was mainly being defended by the heavily outnumbered Navy Commandos (Takavaran), some units of the 92nd Armoured Division, the Pasdaran, and civilian militia. Khorramshahr would not be re-captured by Iran until Operation Beit ol-Moqaddas, in 1982.

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    You will need to own ATS EVO US, Ukraine, Russian Federation, and Belarus modules (plus the ATS Rulebook 2014) to use this product. You receive 8 NEW maps - YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO OWN ATS EVO GRAVE OF EMPIRES AND RAMDI AND BEYOND maps - get them with that module OR see the separate map set at our site.

    SPECIAL: Get the Vanguard price shown AND a bonus sheet of color, die-cut publisher's choice counters AND a BONUS Play Aid AND an extra MAP -- if you order during the weekend of 17-19 March 2023.