ATS EVO Moderns Expansion: Ramadi and Beyond

ATS EVO Moderns Expansion: Ramadi and Beyond
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    ATS EVO marches back in time > and brings you TWICE AS MANY MAPS compared to previous expansions AND FREE printed AFV Play Aids for each tank and IFV type in the set.

    Along the IRAQ-KUWAIT BORDER, 26 February 1991:
     The town of Al Busayyah was situated at a key crossroads and consisted of some 40-50 buildings, most located along one main north–south road. Saddam’s generals considered the town a stronghold, and it was defended by a battalion-sized Iraqi infantry unit reinforced by T-55 tanks, armored personnel carriers, and elements of a commando battalion. Heavily fortified with machine-gun nests, 12 tanks and a dozen other dug-in armored vehicles, there were also trench-lines reaching out, some 1500 meters south of town. Each line radiated out to a perimeter strong point. This place was lodged along the highway routes that would be needed for Saddam’s armies to pull out of Kuwait. That meant, with the clock ticking, it would need to be cleared of enemy troops. As other Coalition units raced north, Colonel Griffith and his men of the 16th Infantry Regiment began the process of house-to-house combat. The narrow streets of Al Busayyah proved a challenge. The Iraqi commander was Republican Guard-trained, and he in turn hardened the fighting spirit of his men. Yet while the first appearance of American troops did not result in white flags, the town would fall into American hands. By late morning of 25 February Joint Forces Command North had made enough progress to allow VII Corps and Marine Central Command on the flanks to resume their advance. That afternoon and night in the 1st Infantry Division sector, the Americans expanded their mine breach and captured two enemy brigade command posts and the 26th Infantry Division command post, with a brigadier general and complete staff. Approaching Al Busayyah in early afternoon, the 1st Armored Division directed close air support and attack helicopter sorties on an Iraqi brigade position, destroying artillery pieces, several vehicles, and taking nearly 300 prisoners. That night the 2d Armored Cavalry and 3d Armored Division oriented east and encountered isolated enemy units under conditions of high winds and heavy rains.

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    You will need to own ATS EVO US, Ukraine, Russian Federation, and Belarus modules (plus the ATS Rulebook 2014) to use this product. You receive 8 NEW maps - YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO OWN ATS EVO GRAVE OF EMPIRES maps - get them with that module OR see the separate map set at our site.

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