ATS EVO Moderns Expansion: Grave of Empires

ATS EVO Moderns Expansion: Grave of Empires
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    ATS EVO marches back in time > and brings you TWICE AS MANY MAPS compared to previous expansions AND a 2-sided Play Aid for Mujihadeen/Taliban.

    GOWARDESH, AFGHANISTAN, 21 June 2006: In the early evening hours of 21 June 2006, a platoon of American Soldiers from the 3rd Squadron, 71st Cavalry of the 10th Mountain Division engaged in a desperate fight against Taliban insurgents high on a mountain ridge, overlooking the Gremen Valley in the north-east corner of Afghanistan. After 30 minutes of intense combat, two American soldiers were dead and one more was critically wounded. The enemy element that attacked the U.S. force withdrew after suffering significant casualties. What happened on this ridge-line high above the small village of Gowardesh that evening demonstrated the daunting tactical and operational challenges facing the U.S. Army in the mountainous terrain along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. These challenges were persistent and would define operations in the region for years to come. The engagement also demonstrated the capability of Coalition forces to meet and defeat a well-equipped, trained, and determined enemy on his home terrain. Three years after the firefight, one of the leaders of the American detachment, Sergeant First Class Jared C. Monti, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the battle.

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    You will need to own ATS EVO US, Ukraine, Russian Federation, and Belarus modules (plus the ATS Rulebook 2014) to use this product. You receive 8 maps - ALL you need to play.

    SPECIAL: Get the Vanguard price shown AND a bonus sheet of color, die-cut publisher's choice counters if you order during the weekend of 3-6 March 2023. **EXTENDED TO WEEKED OF 10-13 MARCH 2023 INCLUDING COUNTERS**