ATS EVO Moderns Expansion: Peace Keepers

ATS EVO Moderns Expansion: Peace Keepers
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    Are you ready for the escalation ... of ATV EVO Moderns? A sample ...

    As the choppers got on the horse, and airborne, the men and women of [REDACTED] Company stood to and listened to their orders as drone kept overwatch. They soon heard their assignment: assault over the marshy causeway over the partly frozen, but still impassable even for foot soldiers [REDACTED] river. In advance of his company, Captain [REDACTED] reconnoitred the way forward, while one and all waited for the promised smoke barrage. The deadline for the attack passed, with no sign of incoming. They all had a job to do and came a long way from home to do it. [REDACTED] Company’s officers stepped off regardless. Captain [REDACTED] yelled ‘Go! Go! Go!’ and advanced, eyes forward. The intrepid Captain and his fellow officers and NCOs reached the far end with barely a single fire team. The causeway behind them was empty. At least devoid of combat effectives. Recovering from an all too brief bombardment, the defenders regrouped and brought down an intense rain of artillery and machine-gun fire, all but sealing off the narrow causeway. Successive groups of infantry made the attempt, but for most the causeway proved too long for a single dash. Those that stopped, and those that fell, gradually choked the lone road. A single Bradley ventured forward, only to be reduced to a burning hulk in a matter of seconds.

    That's one narrative, and you get 8 BRAND NEW scenarios PLUS a BONUS scenario set in 1947 ... Plus 4 BRAND NEW MAPS - 

    SPEICAL: Get the Vanguard price shown AND a bonus sheet of color, die-cut counters if you order during the weekend of 24-26 February 2023.


    You will need to own ATS EVO US, Ukraine, Russian Federation, and Belarus modules to use this product. You also need maps EV 41-42-43-44 from Bakhmut Days.