ATS EVO Moderns Expansion: Bakhmut Days

ATS EVO Moderns Expansion: Bakhmut Days
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    As the leaders of the West met, met some more and made plans to rush every weapon, tank and gun available to their dwindling stocks to Ukraine, the anticipated Russian Federation buildup, to a ‘winter offensive’ continued apace. In an unexpected wildcard gambit, the richest man on earth (reportedly), Elon Musk, threw Ukrainian officers into the dark, by banning their eyes in the sky, his personal satellites known as Starlink. His rationale, not wishing to be a party to ‘starting World War II’ was understandable on its face, but meant artillery spotting would have to be conducted via glassing in the field, along with other extant technologies circe 1970. Meanwhile, a small town in southwestern Donbass reared up as important, as the SMO of 2022 neared its one year anniversary. A Russian source pointed this up with, “After the successful capture of Soledar, Russia has continued to advance in Donbass, with battles ongoing. To the southwest, Ugledar – a small mining town a hundred kilometers north of Mariupol – has become the main contact point for Moscow’s troops. If the Russians succeed in this offensive, it will be a significant blow to Ukraine. Potentially, a victory in Ugledar could change the balance of power in the Donetsk area and improve Melitopol’s defenses.” Ugledar was a fortress, and a key component in the Ukrainian defenses in southwest Donetsk. The first two offensives by the Russians, to capture the place, during March 2022, fell short of success. The new assault included orders that made failure, this time, nyet as an option.

    Set includes 8 NEW scenarios plus maps 41-42-43-44 in summer versions to bring your EVO collection up to date, You also get the new Leopard 1A5 AFV Card and Special rules for the set and a color floio.

    You will need to own US, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus modules to get rolling across the frozen Steppe.

    *** ORDER DURING THE WEEKEND OF 17-20 FEBRUARY 2023 and get the special price shown at the page AND a sheet of 280, custom color die-cut marker counters of a variety that includes some functions for the upcoming cards for tracking individual AFVs. ***

    >>> Special extended to 5:00 PM EST on 21 February 2023 <<<