ATS EVO Moderns 2: R. Fed

ATS EVO Moderns 2: R. Fed
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    We've been talking this one up for a while and the talk ends in no time flat. The counters for ATS EVO: 2022 are in the current print run and one and all are invited to take part.

    You heard right. The guys in the 'can' get the glory and this is a LONG TERM PROJECT. What that means is you can get on board now and pat yourself on the back as you join the effort to study the most timely conflict simulation out there. The DATA is sound. The approach is not only playable, but uniquely realistic.

    There is a data card for each AFV. And since this is not 1941, there are fewer marks of tank out there, and thus the opportunity to study the performance metrics of each in more detail than you have ever experienced in your life. As a publisher I hang my hat on that statement. Yet while there may not be a mass of ineffective (yet interesting) AFVs 'out there', there ARE many different ammo loads and other capabilities. Same goes for all the weapons systems. You have choices to make.

    Here's what you need to own: ATS Rulebook 2014 + two 10-sided dice.

    That's it. You will receive new markers, AFVs, Personnel, scenarios, an ATS EVO rules chapter to plug right into your binder, and maps.

    >>> Some talk about where the infantry model has EVOlved to. Men are prone, or they are standing upright. You came this far, you need not have us tell you which mode is more vulnerable. The scenarios are structured specifically to avoid long approach marches as things are CLASSIC ATS Sequence of Play only: combined Fire & Movement Segment.

    The tables blow things out to percentiles, so you get the entire 'ones and tens' outcome envelope for more uncertainty. The infantry counters, well they're basically 'doubled up' as there are not more 'values' besides those that will warm an engineer's heart. How may soldiers, what weapon, range = Gunfire Factors. The basis is the 4-man Fire Team. Take one Casualty, use the 3-man team. Another, to two men. Another? To the one man counter.

    The front and back sides of the counters make the 'flip' to move or HIT THE DIRT simple - as, well they are printed on the obverse and reverse sides. So all you need ON the counters is quantity of soldiers, their weapon, and of course a unique ID #. The AFvs have their Movement, ammunition, and armor factors (for when they are struck with incoming rounds) on one card per type. The cards can also be used to stack passengers in your Bradley, and other IFVs, as well as mark other data. It is all rather elegant, and plays up all the advantages of ATS, while bringing more nuances to the arena.

    >>>> DATA: This work is ALL about the data too, don't let game play divert you from focusing on that. This is the best and latest data available in non classified circles, and YOU are invited to run through the actions and REPORT BACK to us here with your findings. This is a serious offer and we'll be posting off more scenarios, going forward to the user base, with the intent of running YOU through ANY conceivable action that might take place in the confines of a NATO or Russian Federation wargame, in real life.

    >>>> MODULES: You do not need to be reminded of our specific commitment to modular construction and sticking to the program come thick or thin. The first three are, no surprises ... USA, Russian Federation and Ukraine. The terrain is modeled appropriately and we feel these actions will be found to be of interest AND you will find as we develop this program, that 'what ifs' might end up exiting that category AND there are more actions involving the AFVs and systems presented from real, current and recent military history than you think unless you get the intel reports we do here at CH HQ.

    Ownership of the ATS Rulebook 2014 and ATS EVO Module 1 required. Ships upon completion of this May?June 2022 short stack reprint.