ATS EVO Dice Set

ATS EVO Dice Set
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    Here come the ATS EVO Dice, one stop shopping. You get the following: 2 × 10-siders + 1 × 8-sider.

    These are meant for use with the new (as of May 2021) ATS EVO percentile HPT and Casualty Tables, plus the EVO ROF routine.

    Please note that the numerals on some of the dice may be a micro-skosh larger than others and also note that all die rolls are final, Critical Hit, Inc. assumes no responsibility for runs of bad rolling. We try and mix up the selection to keep things interesting, all diece are 10-sided, some have one numeral, some 2 numerals so they can be assigned different tasks.

    Further, please note that these dice are sold for use in military boardgames, including military miniatures and are not intended for gambling.