ASLComp El Alamein MONSTER Geo Set

ASLComp El Alamein MONSTER Geo Set
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    El Alamein, Egypt, 2 November 1942: Just after 0100 hours on the morning of 2 November the 2nd New Zealand Division spearheaded Operation Supercharge, the drive to break through Rommel’s heavily built-up defensive line fronting the Rahman track. Kiwi infantrymen moved up through enemy minefields behind an enormous coordinated barrage, then settled in to watch the 9th Armoured Brigade roll through to smash an opening for following units. The plan was moving along as planned, albeit somewhat behind schedule. The 9th charged forward in the gloom, their new American-made tanks smashing dozens of guns and killing their crews. The cost was high, though, as German gunners ruined many British tanks before being overrun. Pushing on, Major Dawes’ ‘C’ Squadron, 10th Hussars, dashed right across the track, heading for the crucial Aqqaqir Ridge beyond as the first hint of dawn began to light the eastern sky. In seconds the battlefield was transformed. German ‘88’’s and 75mm anti-tank guns, firing from the ridge, began systematically picking off one British tank after another. Major Dawes was killed. Second Lieutenant Chesworth led the survivors on, pressing for the ridge. German tanks from 21st Panzer Division suddenly counter-attacked, catching the oncoming British between a veritable hammer and anvil. The Hussars, along with the rest of the Brigade, pulled out, pursued by German fire.

    And thus played out the historic Battle of El Alamein. It was the summer of 1942, Rommel and his Afrikakorps was at the height of their powers, with all eyes on Alexandria ... and the flesh-pots ... and war booty of Cairo, beyond. And yet YOU, tactical-level gamer and WOA devotee ... has only experienced this battle in ‘penny packets’, a tank here, two tanks there. Until NOW. Because the EL ALAMEIN MONSTER is here to rescue you from never being able to cross off, ‘big, real El Alamein experience’ ... Supercharge with a full company of Lend Lease Shermans in the vanguard. Devil's Gardens, the works.... in a full-blown presentation that gives you ALL of the tanks, guns and men (i.e., all combat counters; just bring your ASLRB and markers) ... and the playing area to duke it out in.

    The set also debuts the first collection of 11” × 16” folding AP-style DESERT GEO boards and a selection of overlays to go with them. And color special rules, plus scenarios in color format.

    Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.