Darkest December Winterized Expanded 2015 Edition

Darkest December Winterized Expanded 2015 Edition
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    HOTTON-SOY-MELINES-NY QUATRE-BRAS CROSSROADS, BELGIUM, 21 December 1944: Finding himself deprived of armored fighting elements, the commandant of the 3rd Armored Division’s CCR, Colonel Robert Howze hurriedly called Captain Clifford Mize, leading Company ‘A’ of the 32nd Armored Regiment (situated at the Erezée bridge) back to Soy. When Mize arrived with his sixteen Shermans he received orders to take control of a small force, combining his medium tank company with Company ‘C’, 33rd Armored Regiment (M5A1 light tanks) and Company ‘B’, 36th Infantry Regiment. His mission was three-fold. To take the Quatre-Bras crossroads, to send reinforcements to the Hotton garrison as soon as possible, and to provide protection to the HQ in Soy. Mize divided his force in three parts, sending one group, commanded by Captain Smithers, towards Hotton. At 0900 hours, protected by the same fog that hid the Germans during their advance, Mize took command of the second group and attacked swiftly towards the crossroads. In less than ten minutes he seized control of the crossroads. A holding force consisted of a platoon of infantry and six Sherman tanks was left in defense of the place.

    Almost 20 years ago CH launched the independent publishing movement with its first ALL AMERICAN historical module by Ian Daglish (dec.)—and now things have come full circle. Talented ASLers like Pedro Ramis and others heard the clarion's call and joined the fray with their own designs. We owe them the very best edition of their works as progress allows—and new editions deserve the best enhanvements. To that end, the Battle of the Bulge at Hotton, Melines, and the Qautres Bras Crossroads is in a NEW WINTERIZED AND UPDATED EDITION! You get ALL 20 SCENARIOS -- in color format, and QUATRES BRAS/MELINES are in new LARGE HEX WINTERIZED FORMAT! Color format scenarios, rules, the new packaging ... all makes for a nice package, and we includea FREE bonus counter sheet of American leaders in Winter uniforms - from the collection with each product. Includes 20 scenarios, Special Rules, 3 maps, and packaging (plus the bonus free counter sheet).

    THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME! Ownership of the ASLRB, and any modules providing the Germans and Americans, plus standard system marker counters is required to play this historical module.