ASLComp DAGGER: 47 RM Commando

ASLComp DAGGER: 47 RM Commando
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    This is Port-En-Bessin in an EVERYMAN Edition. Bring your Germans and British Nationalities, and enjoy the actions of 7-8 June 1944.

    >>> This is a limited offering for the weekend of 26-29 April 2024 and includes the price shown, plus 280 FREE, color die-cut British MMC/SMC and 280 FREE German overhead MMC/SMC counters - AND 88 5/8 Port-En-Bessin AFV and more counters -- a TOTAL OF 648 counters <<<

    That brings us to ANOTHER production -- and an EVERYMAN one at that - depicting the 7-8 actions at Port-En-Bessin in a format anyone that has German and British Nationalities, plus the ASLRB, can sink their teeth into.

    Okay, that would be less fun alone - BUT you also get right off the presses, latest counter print run, BRITISH Overhad MMC/SMC (280 counters) + 280 German overheads + another sheet of 88 Port-En-Bessin Extras 5/8" counter FREE this weekend.

    The module includes one of those Macro scenarios - not a bean counter CG purchasing experience favored by accountants, but one that puts the men in places, lets YOU pull the lawn-mower rip cord, so a SOLO experience can take place.

    IMO the map is one of the most interesting ever done herem credit to Larry Winslow, Minister of Cartography -- it is a port, after all, with docks, facilities and an urban-style setting for the men of the 47 RM Commando to liberate in the days after D-Day.