Casemate Dicer Dice Roller

Casemate Dicer Dice Roller
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    Price: $59.95
    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
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    This is the only dice-roller that hides in plain sight as an Atlantic Wall Casemate. Limited supplies, they are gone when this page is off - first come, first served.

    Must ship separately due to dimensions. Copoun use is not allowed due to vendor restrictions.

    The CASEMATE DICER(TM) is back by special order. Please allow a few days for each to be created, after ordering. They are hewn from one piece of gray plastic, easy to transport and are guaranteed to roll exactly the dice (or die) roll you need, when you need it. Or whatever this Atlantic Wall casemate replica decides to spit out - but heck, better than have some PaK 43 rounds coming out of its embrasure, or MG-42 'attention' getting focused on you.

    Each dicer takes 8 hours to make, and has to be shipped separately from other orders - please order individually. We've dipped our hobnailed boots in the waters of book publishing and miniatures in the past - all of that gear has long sold out. The Casemate Dicers are cool, the publisher uses one and loves it. But I cannot say how long we will offer them - the rest is up to you.