CWATS GEO Module 1 w/Counter Collection

CWATS GEO Module 1 w/Counter Collection
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    The American Civil War will NEVER be the same when you begin your march to the drums - of CWATS Geo Modules. They all feature the new, LARGEST EVER geo presented to ATSers. You also get the CWATS 2.1 rules, Play Aid, and a collection of 942 color, die-cut counters.

    Each module includes 4 maps that create a 25" × 36" battlefield - that can be linked, set up as a massive SIX FOOT long battlefield - OR 4 feet wide, or whatever the historical scenarios call for! And you'll get a nifty 40-50 hours of re-playable historial scenarios in EACH module, a total of six in each. All color touched, using the latest Civil War art created just for the you.

    The terrain is a new presenation, just for the Geo Module series. Plus, if you get MODULE 1 - you are all set with pieces for EACH follow-on module. Please note you will need to own EACH preceding module to play the next - as the maps build on one another and are used in subsequent modules. 
    Includes the following counter sheets: Confederate Infantry (176) + Union Infantry (176) + Small Markers (280) + H Wpns (134) + Devils Den Bonus Infantry (176) + Large Markers (134) = 1076 counters.

    >> Also includes all the charts and tables needed on 8½" × 11" cards AND a brand new set of Geo-specific CWATS 2.1 rules!