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    CWATS 2.0 is HERE and previous owners can get the new RETROMAP editions of McPherson's Ridge + Bliss Farm + CWATS 2.0 Rules + 2.0 Play Aid to bring their set up to the next level!

    We're not fooling around here and are 100% commited to the system ... and SO ARE YOU. That's why the first thing we have to do is thank you all for your amazing input -- and we put together the next phase ... just in time for YOUR cardboard warriors to come marching down ... The Chambersburg Pike in time for the 150th Anniversary of 1865 -- the year that saw ... it ... all ... end and the guns finally stopped firing.

    You get new versions of the McPherson's Ridge map, a flat-out upgrade artistically and as a gaming document. Same goes for the Bliss Farm map. We think you'll find the CWATS 2.0 rules are what you need to kick-start your black powder heart, and an updated, folding Play Aid rounds it all out and ties into the CWATS 2.0 rules. OWNERSHIP OF CWATS GETTYSBURG: TURNING POINT 1863 REQUIRED.