CH Annual 4

CH Annual 4
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    Our Korean War material dates back to August 20, 1997 (as per the postmark on the parcel sitting on my desk as I type this) and that's a long wait in the file cabinet. The wait is over ... and the module is coming as the core material in the new CH Annual 4!

    The module's scenarios are all set during the 1950 actions and ALL THE COMBAT COUNTERS NEEDED TO PLAY are included with the issue! And that means new armor - including never before presented for the M37 Howitzer Motor Carriage, M19 40mm AA Gun Motor Carriage, M41 Howitzer Motor Carriage, 4 new 11" × 16" geo boards -- a total of 736 820+ color die-cut counters. About to ship!


    >> One complete all color CH Annual magazine.

    >> UPDATED: Not 2, but now 3 FULL sheets of color die-cut counters to use with the materials presented.

    >> UPDATED: Not 4,

    but 5 New Korean War 11" × 16" geo boards

    >> UPDATED: Not Scenarios in color format within, color scenarios printed on their own cards included with the issue

    >> UPDATED: Added component - Offboard Overlay Set in color for use with ALL scenarios in your collection by ASLer and tournament champion Steve 'Gor-Gor' P!