CH Annual 3

CH Annual 3
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    The CH Annual is here to stay and copies of CH Annual 1 and 2 are almost gone. CH Annual 3 is next up and right around the corner and will have new articles, a BRAND NEW historical module, PLUS a brand new nationality for TURRETMAKER (value: $29.95) counter, American turrets. You know Larry Winslow as the designer of the massive PONYRI 1 and 2 effort, among other interesting modules. Including in CH Annual 3 is Larry's take on the Battle of St Georges d' Elle, in the form of DEVIL's HILL. Brand new, never bfore published map, bonus counters in the form of a FULL SET of German Fallschirmjáger MMC/SMC in Normandy camo uniforms for use with the scenarios of the module, special rules, and scenarios in color.

    Included in the CH Annual 3 is the latest Turretmaker color die cut counter series, depicting American turrets for use with ... American Shermans that will be hammering enemy lines in DEVIL'S HILL. And of course, for use with the scenarios of your choice, as there are plenty of models represented, all the main ones.

    Scott Holst is BAAAAAACK (not that he ever went anywhere) with his take on how to win in the BOCAGE country of Normandy .... perfect for reading before your play of DEVIL'S HILL. The article is written in layman's terms, really Scott's strength. No 'academic' voice, just common sense advice, well illustrated with original color diagrams, from a guy that most likely has actuall PUSHED AROUND MORE COUNTERS as an ASLer than 99% of our readers. And that is the low estimate. And to keep the Sgt. Holst theme coming at you, his Bir El Gubi mini module gets a remastering with full new desert map (no overlays on geo boards), and some additional bonus color die-cut counters. And to play CGs, the very latest Platoon Leader rules, 4.0, are bundled in the magazine FREE and ready to put into action with ... a never before published brand new Campaign Game, set during the hottest part of the Battle of El Alamein, the last German counter-offensive of the battle, complete with new map.


    >> One complete all color CH Annual magazine.

    >> 2 FULL sheets of color die-cut counters to use with the materials presented.

    >> New Normandy and North Africa maps

    >> Platoon Leader 4.0 Rules and Play Aids within

    >> Scenarios in color format within

    >> Counters include American Turretmaker custom turret counters (a $29.95 value)