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    YOUR support of the CH Annual is being returned in kind
    with .... CH ANNUAL 2, featuring BERLIN content.
    You get a full sheet of 280 color die-cut counters,
    ready to use with your Beyond ValorTM Germans,
    the first-ever set of color Berlin Waffen SS Infantry
    counters ... in German color-scheme counters. And
    what would be the use of all those new MMC and
    SMC counters ... without some actions to use them
    with? The issue also includes Berlin-themed scenarios
    that use BRAND NEW geo boards in 11" × 16" APstyle
    folding, one-piece format. More Berlin-themed
    material is included, along with a Normandy
    HEDGEROW Mini-Module of four scenarios that play
    on new AP-style Hedgerow geo boards, a first
    ... also included!

    More authors, designers ... terrain ... and situations
    .... the type of material you can expect from a CH
    Annual. Plus—each CH Annual is printed as a FULL
    COLOR format magazine ... just like the old days
    when you could NOT WAIT for your next annual ...
    hey we are talking the 1980's ... all night gaming sessions... well all right!

    What ... you don't have ALL NIGHT to play any more?
    The CH Annual has a solution ... in the form of an
    experimental SASL Berlin, ALSO included with the