CH 3 Annual Style Bundle

CH 3 Annual Style Bundle
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    The CH-3 Annual Style Bundle had more pages than its predecessor > with another large serving scenarios by top deisgners. For the first time, it includes a FREE Bulge mini-module -- Baraque de Fraiture in original size, 24" × 36" map, winter colors, 9 scenarios on their own cards AND Special Rules card. You also get another FREE counter sheet of the publisher's choice - cardboard to cut out and clip corners if that's your thing - no judgement if it is not.

    >>>> CH-3 Annual Style Bundle also brings you that fresh layout that is the hallmark of the entire library of this collection.

    >>>>> You also receive a sheet of color, die-cut counters, publisher's choice - provisioned so you have cardboard to clip while you watch old episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea! Yes, we went there.

    >>>>>>> Last but not least, you get the CH Scenario collection fully-remastered in the Annual Style presentation - THE ANSWER to our correspondent's question. And one that applies to the ENTIRE collection unil ALL are in hand.